Heatwave Tanning - Heatwave left credit card information exposed on counter for 3 days!

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They took my credit card information down on a PIECE OF PAPER (which is crazy in the first place).I refused to put my social security number down on paper for them.

I came back in 2 or 3 days later and that piece of paper with my credit card information, name, address, phone number (more than enough information for any *** to have a jolly good time on my dime) was STILL sitting on the counter! This company is ridiculous. When I tried to cancel my account, they made me pay the $100 cancellation fee AND an extra $49.50 for not giving them 30 days notice of cancellation. The owner and manager were both VERY rude.

I called them out on their INSANE privacy practices and they got defensive and denied everything. They even told the Better Business Bureau that I "threatened" their workers on the phone. That's a bold-faced lie. I will NEVER ever give another dime to Heatwave Tanning, and you should steer clear of them too.

This is just a fair warning.If you give them your business after reading this, don't be upset when they treat you like this, because I warned you.

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